Welcome to LK GAMINGS CO., LTD


At LK GAMINGS CO.,LTD, partners and customers are ensured to deal with confident and trust. What we deliver to our customers are genuine products with manufacturer’s or supplier’s original quality and warranty terms. We do not lower the quality for to just satify low price oriented segment, we believe and have faith in entergrity.


We have team with years of experiences to provide quality consultation on Computer parts, we could name them starting from Work Station grade to normal consummer grade.


We carry world wide welknown products brand such as Intel CPUs, Intel Storage, Intel Mini PC, and more of Intel coming products. We have been carrying wholesales and retails of Asus product such as Asus workstations, Asus mainboard, Asus LCD monitor, Asus VGA, Asus routers, Asus Mouse, Asus Keyboard, Asus Headset,  Asus PSU, Asus